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Street Smart is a specialist in consumer and business-to-business brand research. Our focus is on bringing the word on the street to decision makers in your company – to help them see how your customers' needs, aspirations and perceptions are a vital part of your brand building process.

For the most part, we leave the rational, performance-oriented data gathering to quantitative surveys. While they have their place in research, they don't allow you to truly understand the emotional components of consumer decision-making, nor what messages or actions are required to influence them.

Our qualitative studies gather insight into the "why" behind consumers' decisions. Because when you understand the inner motives of your target audience, you can more effectively influence future purchase decisions and brand perceptions.

It works, just ask our clients.arrow

  • “Street Smart helped us reinvent our agency. They showed us how a dedication to brand research provides true insight into customers’ perceptions about the category and the brand. Every client they touch meets with success.”

    - Jason Boucher, Vice President of Client Service, ZLRIGNITION

  • “We've had a long, valuable relationship with Street Smart. Their unique approach consistently unlocks the insights we need to optimize our branding and better meet the needs of our customers.”

    - Blaine Woycheshin, Manager Oilseed Crops - InVigor Seed, Bayer CropScience

  • “I've been fortunate to work collaboratively with Scott and Street Smart on multiple projects. They focus our needs and expectations, and then provide great customer insights that help optimize our strategies and marketing plans.”

    - Terry Andryo, Senior Agriculture Marketing Manager, ATB Agriculture

  • “The two words I use to describe Street Smart are professional and insightful. They are able to hone in on the information we need and to extract tremendous nuggets from the exercise. We highly recommend them.”

    - Dave Crompton, CEO, OPI Systems

  • “The results were highly actionable. The videos of customer comments were key to gaining the acceptance of our organization and our members.”

    - Myrna Hewitt, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Community, Affinity Credit Union

    Affinity Credit Union
  • “Street Smart tools allow us to consistently and accurately understand our market at a level few organizations ever achieve.”

    - Sharon L. Fletcher, Senior Vice President, Blue Cross Blue Shield Of North Dakota

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

What do people think? Ask them.


Purchase decisions involve a variety of factors. Feelings, images, facts, symbols, and visceral connotations are silently at play inside consumers' heads as they contemplate alternatives. It's a complicated process. And it takes a sophisticated approach to reveal what happens beneath the surface and why.

How do we do it?


Reveal. Using creative qualitative research tools honed over almost 25 years we peel back the protective layers of logic and reason, allowing consumers in our research sessions to express true feelings and attitudes. By tapping into their subconscious, we learn what they intuitively call on as they form opinions and make decisions.

Analyze. We then use our proprietary analysis system to apply clustering and segmenting techniques and uncover related patterns of thought and opinion. We use this approach to compare and contrast findings between customer segments, geographic locations, or any other relevant discriminators for your markets.

Seeing Is Believing. We bring our research to life in a dynamic expression of your data, using a combination of graphics and high definition video to bring the customer right into your boardroom. Your stakeholders hear directly from consumers as they express their opinions and expectations with raw and uncut inflection, emotion and passion.

Strategy. Our belief is that to be of high value, research should boil down complex consumer feedback into simple marketing actions that clients can implement. That's why all Street Smart studies culminate in a focused marketing prescription for success. Because while complex and convoluted data rarely wins – focused strategy always comes out on top.


Who we work with and why.
We work with consumer and business-to-business brands, in industries ranging from agriculture to airlines, construction, education, health and tourism. We can help any business interested in using customer-driven, evidence-based strategic planning to formulate marketing solutions.

When is Street Smart the right fit?
Business situations or marketing challenges that are the best fit for the Street Smart approach to research:

  • Corporate Rebranding - how do you want to redefine your company? How can you convey this most effectively?

  • Mergers – when your identity changes or evolves, what does it mean to your overall approach to marketing? We help you capture the opportunities and marginalize the downside.

  • Communications Testing – help ensure your messages create the desired net impression.

  • Product Development – help determine consumers' expectations of the categories in which you compete. How can you deliver on them? How can you optimize the products you currently produce?

  • New Product Launches/Positioning - how do you position a new product relative to existing products, to maximize relevance and distinctiveness?

  • Disappointing Marketing Outcomes – results are not what you expected and you need answers. We help uncover the causes and even reverse the negative trend.

Some of our Clients:

  • Syngenta
    Taco Time
    Iowa State University
  • New Holland
    Bayer Crop Sciences
    ATB Financial
    United Way
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Unity Point
    Alberta Beef


Find out how our unique branding research model can better inform your strategic planning. Contact us for more information.

Scott Samoleski

Vice President, Senior Strategic Planner